Who are We?

Founded in 2019, SMSK Information Technologies and Trade Company continues its activities as a leading R&D, integration and consultancy company in the field of information security and business continuity. Providing end-to-end solutions to its customers, SMSK continues its activities in the field of security technology research and development.

SMSK contributes to cyber security in all matters related to the organizations it works with, such as technology supply, consultancy, training and personnel support. With the SecroMix brand, SMSK carries out end-point security, data loss prevention, SIEM, SOC, software security, backup and disaster recovery infrastructure solutions in cooperation with its customers.

SMSK aims to contribute to the development of the industry and to take part in the global market.

Our values

Our mission is to monitor the ever-changing threat landscape, conduct security research, and develop detection methods for the latest real-world cyber attacks. We provide advanced security expertise for our customers' security operations, including threat hunting and incident response. We also share our expertise with a wider community through Threat Research Reports to help you better understand, detect, and protect the latest real-world cyber attacks.

Customer first

We believe that your long-term success is vital to our long-term success. We cooperate closely with our customers to understand your business and provide sustainable value to ensure immediate and continuous success.


We are against the status quo and are obsessed with continuing our way forward. We are committed to building the user behavior analysis solution and transforming into a complete security analysis and operations platform to help organizations detect and respond to advanced threats.


We believe that no organization can do all of this alone. We cooperate with our customers and partners to develop the best solution to combat advanced threats.


We see things as they are. We believe that the best way to create a better security analysis platform is to use the power of machine learning. All this offers unlimited scale, flexibility and cost effectiveness, as well as the power to predict, detect and respond to advanced threats.


We are working to fulfill our promise of solution and we are working with our business partners in the market to target success and common earnings.

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