FireEye Endpoint Security

FireEye Endpoint Security (HX) 4.0

FireEye, one of the world’s leading cybersecurity leaders an advanced and targeted platform for workstations developed by FireEye Endpoint Security (HX), the attack protection tool, is now Secromix within …Protection against complex and targeted attacks (Advanced Persistent

Threats, APT), one of the most important information security problems in recent yearsis one. A targeted attack is against a specific organization, industry or It may be directed at the government structure. Planned actions, hired cyberby criminals, terrorist organizations and foreign special services realizable. Currently, against complex and targeted attacks There is no universal way to put it.

Comprehensive at all levels, including staff training and verification a security solution is required. The world in cyber security FireEye, one of the leaders in protecting against targeted attacks developed a wide variety of tools used to provide Solutions both It can provide protection both independently and together. FireEye products, bad combat malware and detect complex attacks in-depth analysis of various factors and events for It is designed to provide correlation. Against advanced attacks One of the most important pieces of defense is the complex at the workstation level to counter threats. Applying this level of protection is allows you to achieve a comfort-safety balance. Block some of its functions from the protected network environment to the endpoints. Allows you to transfer. Thus maintaining the functionality of the whole system and does not slow down their processes.


FireEye HX Security Tool protects against ART and endpoints designed to protect. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities, attack for both known and unknown threats  allows you to quickly determine the exact scope and level of its effectiveness. Analysts with detailed context of blocked and unknown threats It can tailor defenses and responses to all cyberattacks.

FireEye HX consists of two components:

1) Protecting the workstation and compromise indicators (Danger Information needed to search indicators, IoC) and investigate events a software agent that collects;

2) An agency that collects and controls data from all intermediaries. hardware controller.

*FireEye HX uses the following features:


* By FireEye with regular updates or automatically     Supplied with FireEye network devices and managed by an administrator

with a manually created database of consensus indicators  real time comparison;

* Triage Viewer to monitor and analyze threat metrics and

Audit Viewer;

* Institutional for fast search and neutralization of threats

Search service;

* Identifying the processes of end stations to exploit security vulnerabilities

Exploit Guard for alerting and sending alerts;

* Known based on signatures supported by the vendor

Malicious to detect threats and malicious code

anti-software mechanisms.


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