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ISO/IEC 15504 – SPICE Nedir?

ISO / IEC 15504 – SPICE (Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination) Software Process Improvement and Capability Level It is a general framework for process evaluation known as identification.SPICE has been created within the framework of international standards. Essentially, ISO/ IEC 15504, conducting an evaluation for software development projects is a guide for. This is a description of the evaluation process, aevaluation model as a part of the evaluation process. a description of the instruments that can be used as part of such a discussion of factors contributing to the success of the assessment includes.


The purpose of this standard is to ensure that software processes are accurate, effective and efficient. planning, using, projects; through all the stages ensuring that it is traceable and measurable ISO / IEC references more specific standards, but does not adjust. SPICE standard, an organization’s management and process definition in a software development project, with particular emphasis on their to describe the preferred order for carrying out activities aims. The ultimate goal of ISO / IEC 15504, a technology helping to achieve goals and programs in the organization is to provide process improvement based on rigorous definition. ISO / IEC 15504 around a reference model divided into two dimensions

organized: a) process dimension and b) capability dimension. Processes 5

divided into categories:

  • * customer-supplier,
  •   * engineering,
  •   * support,
  •   * Administration
  •   * organization.


The processes also include capability levels numbered 0 through 5. is defined as, where 0 is an incomplete process, 1 a performed process and such optimization up to level 5 continues until equality. Process capabilities also include K.x-coded process can also acquire attributes, where the K capability level(1 for the executed process, 2 for the managed process, etc.) and x is a number associated with a specific related attribute so 2.1represents performance management 2.2 represents business product management.