What Is Dlp And For What Purposes Is It Used

The most concise definition of what is DLP is software that serves to prevent data loss. They are known as Data Loss Prevention or an abbreviation of data leak prevention and are named as an abbreviation of these words.

For What Purposes Is Standard DLP Used?

Standard DLP software; It includes firewall, anti-virus software and intrusion detection system (IDS). In this context; It is used to prevent unauthorized use of data, to monitor and protect data during data transmission. The data mentioned here can be in many different categories, but thanks to DLP, all these data can be tracked and protected. In addition to these, DLP software; monitors network traffic, ensures that the computer is used within the framework of certain rules, and provides control of e-mails. In this way, it is possible to prevent data leakage.

Some Rules of DLP Software

Thanks to DLP software, it is aimed to define some rules and provide necessary controls. Some of these rules are as follows;

  • Restricting the use of USB and CD-DVD Roms to prevent data leakage
  • Ensuring that e-mails containing critical information are tracked or completely blocked
  • Restricting file access
  • Blocking copy-paste and screenshot taking functions to prevent users from extracting data from within the application
  • FTP restriction to prevent file upload

DLP software is software that ensures the security of both systems and end users thanks to the features it provides. Therefore; although they are not recognized and preferred; It is an extremely important part of the system.

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