Endpoınt Protector DLP

CoSoSys Endpoint Protector DLP

SME, which can be used on hardware, virtual server and cloud infrastructure and Full range DLP solution for Large Enterprises. USB and peripherals, mobile and fixed data, encryption and providing the perfect management of corporate mobility management, easy Manageable, multi-platform Data Leakage Prevention tools.

CoSoSys Endpoint Protector DLP

DLP, unauthorized e-mail of sensitive content on computers, Via USB data storages, cloud storage, printing, etc. It is the software that allows blocking its output. CoSoSys, for over 10 years provides this protection with the technologies it has developed.

Control of USB and Peripherals

Monitor, control and block file transfers. Content and Detailed control features with context scanning.

Scanning moving data

Monitor, manage, lock devices. Manufacturer ID, Product ID, Get exclusive control using Serial Number and more.

Automatic USB Encryption

Encrypt, manage and secure data transported over USB Password based, easy to use and effective solution.

Fixed data browsing

Find, encrypt, delete sensitive data. Scan detailed content and context via manual or automatic scans.


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