What is Penetration Test?

What is Penetration Test?

Penetration Testing (pen testing) are tests that allow you to check how much your company’s information/data system is protected against hacker attacks. These are tests carried out by legal and authorized persons in order to make internal and external network systems, databases, web and mobile applications more reliable. Penetration testing can help neutralize potential threats to the system as a whole.

Security vulnerabilities on your website, corporate infrastructure, mobile applications and all other IT systems are tested by simulating the actions of real hackers with penetration testing. It is used to identify areas of the system that are vulnerable to intrusion, and to take security measures against unauthorized and malicious users or organizations.

How is the Penetration Test done?

You must first determine the goals and shape of the test. There are different levels of penetration tests. There are three accepted methods for this:

Black Box,
Company name
Website address

Gray Box,
Server accesses IP list

White Box
Software version information
Different account information

The Black Box is such that only the entry point, such as company name, website address or IP addresses used, needs to be known.

The Gray Box is such that desired explanation of the architecture requested for additional information and documents such as some software version information and different account information.

The white Box are situations where a complete description of the system, containing information is requested.

Determining the type of intruders (customers, employees or other third parties) for screening vulnerability is crucial in learning the roles of potential attackers.

Penetration tests / pen tests generally take 2-3 weeks, during this time intermediate results are given and
based on the results, a detailed report (according to “the law on the protection of personal data”, GDPR, banking regulation and supervision agency, TSE, PCI DSS, ISO 27001 standards) is prepared for you.

Why Should We Take Penetration Test?

There are many adjustments in the IT infrastructure that determine the level of Security. Even if you think you have followed all the security rules, the methods that attackers will use to harm your system have no end.

It is useful to have your system tested by Cyber Software experts in order to avoid any bigger problems that may be overlooked or against hackers (unauthorized and malicious people) new techniques.

Penetration testing can have different goals, which can be divided into the following main types:

Security analysis: looking for as many vulnerabilities as possible, the test continues without stopping when a critical vulnerability is detected.
Penetration test: an attempt to obtain some confidential information and crack passwords, steal background, or reach another specified target.

Team: Long attempts are made to enter the system secretly with minimum restrictions. This may include phishing, attempts to infiltrate the office and monitoring the client’s employees and control of measures taken.

Remember, system penetration tests are a must for any organization as an essential element of information security.

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