Known Faults In The Penetration Test

Pentest is an analysis of the security of the company’s network resources, identifying information security issues and showing possible ways to gain unauthorized access to infrastructure components or confidential information. When it comes to these tests, there are various myths and fears pumped up by many people and sources. Here are some of those mistakes that cause confusion:

1. Small businesses don’t need a pentest.

Regardless of the size of your company, penetration tests (pentest) are available to ensure that you are doing everything possible to avoid falling victim to scammers (hackers). A cybercriminal doesn’t care how big your organization is, for them the target is the target.

2. Only Government or Financial Institutions Should Perform Penetration Tests.

Security is a core component of any business, no matter what industry you work in. It is very important to ensure the continuity of your business processes and, most importantly, to prevent major reputational and financial losses as a result of breaches and information leaks. Standards such as PCI and HIPAA also require penetration testing. Recently, companies have started to receive this service with the obligation of GDPR Pentest.

3. Pentest is an Evaluation of Vulnerabilities.

Organizations often confuse penetration testing (penetration testing) with vulnerability assessments. Vulnerability assessments are based on automated components with predefined parameters that check for known security issues and error levels without checking whether the vulnerability is critical. It is also important to remember that these automated scanning tools do not detect vulnerabilities that are not found in databases or human-made vulnerabilities.

Pentest uses both manual and automated methods to test each vulnerability, attempting to exploit this vulnerability and showing how the system as a whole will be affected.

Information on all vulnerabilities successfully used during penetration testing is collected and reported to management of the company and IT departments to help experts draw strategic conclusions and prioritize appropriate remedial action. A good penetration testing company should provide you with a detailed but easy to read report.

4. I Have Taken a Penetration Test Once, My System Is Safe

Pentests are a part of security measures, and PCI DSS standards require penetration tests both annually and after each system change. Detection of high-risk vulnerabilities resulting from low-risk vulnerabilities can also be achieved. For personnel and companies providing penetration testing services, an authorization program is recommended at least once a year.

5. Penetration Tests Can Damage Your System

First of all, any Penetration test (Penetration test) in accordance with the standards does not harm the IT infrastructure. However, there are of course some risks and points to be considered while performing penetration tests (penetration tests). During the penetration test, there are risks such as possible crash problems in the operating system or the service provided due to overloading the system, changing the corporate data intentionally or unintentionally during the test, and malicious use of the results of previous tests by third parties. Obtain a signed Non Disclosure Aggrement (NDA) to guarantee confidentiality. Make sure all relevant people in your organization are aware of penetration tests. Back up important data. If you find any bugs or other issues during testing, notify your penetration testing company immediately. Here, it is very important to research the reliability of the company and carefully read the contract and disclaimer.

As a result;

Pentest gives you the opportunity to check your current security status and protect your business. By choosing the right scope and test type, you can easily identify and fix your vulnerabilities according to the appropriate standards such as OSSTMM (The Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual), OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project), PTES (The Penetration Testing Execution Standard).

Finding a company you trust with competent employees who will do their job well is the most basic element of the whole process. The security company should assist you in every step of the process until the vulnerabilities are eliminated and the risk is minimized.

Pentests should not be a stand-alone procedure but an integral part of your overall risk management program such as Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. Penetration Tests are among the technical measures to be taken in the process of harmonization with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Why Secromix?

Our team, participating in the most prestigious CTF hacking competitions (“Capture the Flag”), has penetration testing experience and necessary certificates (CEH, LPT, …), is a researcher and bug compliant with standards (GDPR, TSE, PCI DSS, ISO 27001). Includes successful participants in reward programs.

As a company, we offer detailed recommendations and tailored plans to mitigate risks, help fix all security vulnerabilities, and support your information security process.

Remember, system penetration tests / penetration tests are a necessary element of information security for any organization.

And remember, IT security is a holistic, general approach beyond very technical measures. Remember, there is no security system that is too sure to break, there are companies that have a culture based on continuous controls and improvement.