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KVKK is the Law on Protection of Personal Data. Also this law In order to operate and maintain the processes, KVKK institution entered. After this date, audits start and personal data Serious steps have been taken to protect it. A long The KVKK law, which has been pending for a while, was officially announced on April 7, 2016. published in the   wspaper and entered into force. Secromix, within the scope of KVKK Consultancy, with experts in the fields of informatics, law and human resources, offers simultaneous services in details.

The purpose of the Law No. 6698 * Personal Data Protection *; personal

In the processing of data, especially the Privacy of Private Life,

protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals and process personal data

Obligations of Real and Legal Persons and the procedures and principles to be followed

to regulate.

3 important stages in the process of compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law

are available.

1-Providing Verbis records and taking administrative measures

(contracts and explicit consent texts),

2- Giving necessary training to company employees and awareness


3-To prevent data leaks that may occur in companies

comprehensive infrastructure analysis and data classification and authorization matrix

is the creation. To companies; firewall, proxy, siem, uba, mdm, dlp,

Consultancy in integrating IT solutions such as ISO27001

It is to provide the level of support that can be provided.

Who is covered by the Law on Protection of Personal Data?

KVKK, with real persons who process personal data  this  data is fully or partially automated or has no non-automatic, provided it is part of a  data  recording system “It is applied for real and legal persons operating by means.”

Under the Personal Data Protection Law


  •   * All who have the right to be subject to data breach    real people,
  •   * Limited Liability Companies,
  •   * Joint stock companies,
  •   * All Universities,
  •   * All telecommunication companies including telephone companies,
  •   * Cooperatives,
  •   * Municipalities,
  •   * Lawyers,
  •   * Accountants and Financial Advisors,
  •   * Government agencies,
  •   * Private schools,
  •   * Media organizations, written and visual and internet sites, e commerce

All state institutions and natural persons are covered by the law.


Data Supervisor: Specified by the Personal Data Protection Law

data processing policy, tools and purposes in the relevant institution

determining; the company responsible for the installation and management of these tools