14 July 2021

Security Misconfiguration

Security Misconfiguration ranks sixth in the OWASP TOP 10 as it remains prevalent in projects and is susceptible to around 42% of companies according to statistics. Securing a Web application requires a secure configuration of all infrastructure components. Application components (such as frameworks) are the web server, database server, and the platform itself. The default

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Penetration Test Tools Part 2

Penetration testing goes beyond vulnerability scanning to use multi-step and multi-factor attack scenarios that first find vulnerabilities and then attempt to exploit them to dig deeper into the enterprise infrastructure. 11) Metaspoilt It is one of the most popular and advanced frameworks that can be used for Penetration Testing. It is an open source tool

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What is EDR?

EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) is a class of solutions for detecting and investigating malicious activity. Unlike antiviruses, whose task is to combat typical and major threats, EDR solutions focus on identifying targeted attacks and complex threats. EDR Architecture In general, the Endpoint Detection & Response class system consists of agents installed on endpoints and

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